J.A.K Technologies 

Computer System
Pcs and Laptops

J.A.K  Technologies has been a Technological roll model at computer networking database and pc repair, and has been dealing with large and small scale networking in Canada. It has six years experience in computer networking database that maintain financial records and human resources as well as pc repair.  

Key Benefits

        We speak to you in English, not geek.

        We understand that your data is valuable.

        We care about your security and we look after you.

        We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner.  We will not take advantage of organizations that are naive about technology.

        We work directly with software organizations to continually develop applications that we can inexpensively manipulate into an organization.

        We support proven open-source and freeware applications/operating system that can be implemented into organizations at minimal cost with minimal risk.


We can make your computers talk by sharing the same data



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