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J.A.K Technologies is a Registered computer network and software developer Technology in Canada, in the city of Edmonton AB. J.A.K Technologies has been a Technological roll model at computer networking database and pc repair, and has been dealing with large and small scale networking. It has six years experience in computer networking database that maintain financial records and human resources.

This establish a sound and credible modernize financial management system that enable public managers to exercise effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency  in an appropriate manner. The electronic database always aims to eliminate waste of public financial management that results in unauthorized fruitless expenditures and waste of resources that encourage corruption in the use of public assets.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the electronic system Technology can provides uniform treasury norms and standards for all levels of the Government to provide a sounded financial operation systems of management to accommodate accountability in the public service in handling revenues such as  expenditures, assets and liabilities of the public entities.

This problem of financial irregularities and mismanagement are burning issues facing the government at large and sub-government institutions. These problems require intervention of the modern technology rather than the physical traditional way of fighting it. Thereafter, this is where  J.A.K Technologies become handy because we are always knowledgeable about the current state of  all Government affairs, we propose the use of Technology  system to solve that problem technologically to help the government manage their financial and human resources. As technology expertise we have been putting together what suites government need to pin down the outstanding issues.

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