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J.A.K Technologies have  qualified staff to help you get your computer and Network  back up and running to peak performance. We troubleshoot all computers  related issues, either hardware conflicts,  damaged components, software issues and much more.

We offer a computer  tech to go to your home  and service it right there in your home or office  we can pick it  up and drop off  after the services it will not take long. We can bring the solution to you; either way we are sure to have a solution for you.

J.A.K Technologies  is  dedicated to meet  customers needs.

One of the other more services

if you buy the router wireless from us we set it up free for you.

J.A.K Technologies offers friendly advice to our customers free of charge.

Feel free to give us a call ,e-mail, or come by to see us. Ask us a question or  advice on software,  hardware products or any other computer related topic.  We make sure to answer your questions and explain it so you can understand.

Whether you are a home user with a few pc's and wish to share files between or you are a business that needs many computers connected and sharing central services we have you covered. We can help you plan and install your network configuration. We can also help you upgrade your existing computer or build an entirely new one that is built with quality components and flexibility so future upgrades aren't difficult and expensive. So whether you want a home pc, business work station,  pc or server you can find the solution from us.


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Our Duty is  to value our customers more than our  selves

 J.A.K  Technologies is a good place to buy computers and other computer's related devices, our prices are below normal cost and we stand behind our services. We conduct ourselves in an ethical manor.  We will not take advantage of organizations that are naive about technology. J.A.K Technologies  can look after your company to avoid the risk of  data theft and viruses infection, hard drives crushes, Spy ware, etc. Big companies do not care about the quality services that the customer gets. but J.A.K Technologies does  we always meet our customers need  by selling them the best system that last long.



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